Baroque Promises and Constructive Doubts

02.06.2019 – 11.08.2019Solo ExhibitionKunstmuseum AhlenAhlenGermany

Using the shared title “Shared  Reality”, Intermezzo 2019 will show four contemporary positions that use different media such as painting, photography, video and performance art to recreate the experience of shared realities. The participating artists explore the emotional connections between different observations and societal cultures. They prefer the pictorial message and demand an extraordinary amount of empathy from the spectator.

The illusionism of baroque and concrete art, the real world and constructivism, mediumistic gospel and societal reality – Myriam Thyes uses her art to make ruptures and connections visible. She looks at both historical events as well as the modern society, in which visual and social cultures flow into each other. This crossover is expressed by the artist in photographs, collages, and video works. In the latter, she utilizes the suggestive potential of new media, animation, and contemporary 3D technologies to explore her ideas. Shapes and motives that float through space and at the viewer and overlap, dissolve, and form anew, allowing for a spectacular experience of the proximity between different ideological and cosmic worldviews.  

(Text: exhibition flyer)





Kunstmuseum Ahlen
Museumsplatz 1 / Weststraße 94a
59227 Ahlen


Shown Works