Smart Pantheon RGB

2022 interactive online video for mobile devices with touch-screen (runs in web browser; best suited for iPhones and iPads)

In her interactive video work Smart Pantheon RGB, Myriam Thyes addresses the almost religious devotion we give to our smart devices. The work references Michelangelo‘s fresco ‚The Creation of Adam‘ in the Sistine Chapel, a depiction of the Genesis creation story in which both God and the first man are depicted with their arms and hands stretched out towards each other. The work allows us to slip into the role of both, the hand of God and the hand of Adam. Through gentle zooming gestures we spiral through an endless loop of hands handling smartphones; a sensual work that focuses on the movement of the hands and makes us think about the relationship we have with our smart-phones. In collaboration with Carsten Heisterkamp (interactivity programming), the artist created a work based on her previous video work Smart Pantheon (2016) that lets the audience become part of the artwork.

Smart Pantheon RGB as normal video in the online collection of BRIDGE VIDEO CHICAGO

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