As Large As Life

25.09.1997 – 31.10.1997Group ExhibitionStyrian Autumn festival, Raum für Kunst (today < rotor >)GrazAustria

Series of exhibitions, curated by Anton Lederer and Margarethe Makovec.

For this project we invited 18 European artists whose works refer to people‘s immediate surroundings, showing explicit feature of the various living situations. During the research process we‘ve come to establish two aspects of living which artists frequently distinguish in their work. The first deals with people who constitute the surrounding element in everyday life from the very first day: parents, family, and friends. Being familiar with these people often leads to an open discourse with this source in the artistic process. These people are mostly regarded as individuals whose peculiarities are used for artistic visualization. The second aspect concerns what is best described as “living conditions“. This term refers to the conditions that are determined through housing. Housing and furnishing as culturally determined requirements can inspire the artist as well as the love for life in a constructed environment. Both the anthropocentric and the architectural (or organic and inorganic) element present a clear picture of people‘s social situations in Europe.
‘As Large As Life’ can be regarded as a project that evolves out of a certain process. Within the five weeks of the Styrian Autumn festival of 1997, three artists present their work each week. A fast rhythm: The love of changeability as well as the experimental nature should be the project‘s main focus for audience and artists.

Together are exhibiting: Genco Gülan + Myriam Thyes




< rotor > 
Griesgasse 24

Verein < rotor > Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Volksgartenstrasse 6a
8020 Graz, Austria

Shown Works