100 Years of World Transition

Exhibition, performances, happening

10.09.2016 – 27.10.2016Group ExhibitionSchaumbad - Freies AtelierhausGrazAustria

A hundred years ago, the war was no longer at our doors, we were right in the middle of it. Refugees met in Switzerland and turned the logic and the so-called reason of the warmongering society upside down using nothing but the means of art. Thus, DADA was born in Zürich. The National Socialism was rearing its ugly head, the women’s movement was boiling, the machines were beginning to revolutionise the economy. The old notions of what it means to be human were being put to the test. Never before in the history of Europe was there such a rapid flux of the concept of humanity, the social systems, the economy, the technology and, most importantly, of thinking. Now, in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis, the end of the world is being prophesised once more. People from all parts of the planet flock to Europe and challenge our worldview. The financial system has proven itself absurd a long time ago. The dwindling religiosity is being increasingly supplanted by consumerism, but even these new beliefs are being shattered. The Schaumbad enters the debate with a series of absurdist installations and performances and contradicts the insanity with irony and humour. The area of tension between nature and technology inverts the usual functions, symbols and technologies. Well known actions, rituals and the everyday lose their traditional meaning.





Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus
Graz, AT



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