Kunstlauf (Art Walk) Meilen

14.06.2014 – 25.10.2014Group ExhibitionPanorama Trail ToggwilMeilenSwitzerland

Curator: Anca Sinpalean. A project by Katrin Bechtler foundation.

One of the goals of the exhibition is to critically reflect upon the tradition of landscape art and the concept of the picturesque. What landscapes can we still consider picturesque today, and why? What myths pervade our landscapes? How do culture, tradition, memory and power shape our understanding of the picturesque? Tourism has evolved a lot ever since Claude François Denecourt had invented the romantic walk through the forest of Fontainebleau. So why are the most popular picturesque images universal, no matter the country or culture from which they originate?

The series GLOBAL VULVA FLAGS shows female figures and vulva symbols from different times, countries and cultures. Partially little known or forgotten figures are visually updated and return “usable” for us today. The banners give symbols of femaleness the status of “official” emblems. In the exhibition, 3 of the 13 flags were shown.




Herrenweg 185
8706 Meilen


Shown Works