More Gas! The Tsarmakers

2023UHD video, portrait format, 23:25, stereo

The video collage shows relationships between representatives of governments and corporations from Germany (and other Western countries) and Russia since 2000. The images are superimposed with scenes of the wars waged by the Kremlin since 1999 in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and Ukraine. In addition, images of opposition movements in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia appear, as well as of contract killings by Russia. Now and then, paintings of Tsar Peter the Great and later Tsar Ivan the Terrible appear. The video is structured in such a way that one minute corresponds to one year. Language and sounds occur only sporadically, serving as historical orientations and to support the images. The work is more emotionally appealing and perhaps encourages people to look more deeply into these issues.



  • More Gas! The Tsarmakers, exhibition Symptom Baroque, Eutin Castle, 2023 More Gas! The Tsarmakers video @ Vimeo, with passwordBy clicking the image or the video link you accept the Vimeo privacy policy.



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