Artistic interventions by Margret Eicher (DE), Simone Demandt (DE), Rebecca Stevenson (UK), Myriam Thyes (CH).

10.06.2023 – 08.10.2023Group ExhibitionEutin CastleEutinGermany

The splendidly furnished baroque residence of Schloss Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein is experienced in a completely new way in summer 2023. Four international contemporary artists intervened with their works in the rooms of the castle and referred – also critically and ironically – to its contents. For some years, the artists have been dealing with the thematic repertoire and aesthetics of the Baroque, which they see mirrored in world-political as well as cultural phenomena of our own time: through friction between rationality and highly individualistic beliefs as well as through increasingly present end-time fantasies that lead to disruptions within society and its cohesion. Curator: Dr. Sophie Borges.

SYMPTOM:BAROCK. Artistic intervents of Margret Eicher (DE), Simone Demandt (DE), Rebecca Stevenson (UK), Myriam Thyes (CH) Opening: June 9th, 2023, 6 pm




Eutin Castle – Schloss Eutin
Schlossplatz 5
23701 Eutin


Shown Works