All Joy Wants Eternity

2018HD video in portrait format, 15:20, Loop, stereo.

Part of the Olbricht Collection, Essen. Q.v.: Pinball Altar (2020).

Installation: HD projection or HD flatscreen, upright size (if possible on a slightly slanting surface at about 1 m hight, like a pinball machine).

The surfaces of various pinball machines (which often look rather “baroque”) are filmed with cameras attached to pinball gamblers. This way, you watch the blinking field through cameras which adopt the typical (sometimes erotical) movements of the players. Pinball machines are shiny and colorful, thus reminding jewel boxes, vitrines, showcases. The video is edited in a way the ball always remains visible, never disappearing from the field. The game never ends – because “all joy wants eternity” (Friedrich Nietzsche). With thanks to: Pinball Machines Museum Schwerin, Arne Hennes, Anne-Kathrin Auel, Ulf Michaelis.