I Still Had To Curtsy

2023UHD video, 9:12, silent

Until the 1970s in Germany, girls had to curtsy and boys had to do a servant; some rarely and on the side, other children under strict observation and in front of all adults. For girls in particular, this was often humiliating. In this circular video, ten women curtsy in memory of their childhood. The texts quote some of their comments on curtsying.

Thanks to: Maria Anna Dewes, Margret Eicher, Dorothea Gelker, Ingrid Herrndorf, Stephanie Jaeckel, Gudrun Kemsa, Karoline Künkler, Ulrike Münchhoff, Edith Oellers, Ute Reeh.

The video (German version) was created for the exhibition SYMPTOM : BAROCK at Eutin Castle 2023. It was projected onto the stucco ceiling above two thrones.