Infinite Encounters

This May, Liverpool Cathedral will be home to a captivating group exhibition that promises to bring all five senses to life through art.

10.05.2024 – 02.06.2024Group ExhibitionLiverpool CathedralLiverpoolGroßbritannien

Infinite Encounters refers to experiences lived daily, highlighting the relationship with the world around us, inviting us to pay attention to what we encounter every day – whether it is other people, nature and animals, or food.

In the digital era, when we spend more time online than interacting with the real wold, this exhibition offers the opportunity to reconnect with our senses, and with each other. Visitors will activate their senses through artworks that can be touched, seen, heard, and smelt.

Rasheed Araeen’s Zero to Infinity invites audiences to immerse themselves in an interactive journey. Consisting of a number of giant cubes, audiences will become the architects of their own imagination, reshaping and rebuilding the original structure. Similarly, Liverpool-based artist Frances Disley presents Holodeck Programme 106, welcoming everyone to engage in games of dominoes and construct jigsaws together. Perpetual continental drifts question our perception of the world in a humorous way in Myriam Thyes’ hypnotic video Mutable Worlds, whilst Neringa Naujokaite’s poetic work Horizon focuses on a young woman’s relationships with the city, friends, and music through sound. A new commission by Frances Disley represents a set of natural elements that co-exist in nature and have a reciprocal relationship.

Visitors are invited to enter this protective and scented environment by becoming one of the characters within the space and be hosted by the others.




Liverpool Cathedral
St James’ Mount
Liverpool  L1 7AZ

Shown Works