Patagonia – no network in paradise

2007 / 20096 digital collages, inkjet-prints in light boxes, each 105 x 67 cm.

Landscapes of Patagonia – a vast paradise of mountains, glaciers, wide valleys, wind, strong colours, picturesque clouds, turquoise lakes … Contemporary urban citizens, symbolized in the figures of Neo and Trinity (from the movie THE MATRIX): ambitious, always in a hurry, stressed, telephoning, driven to overwhelm the enemy / competitor, longing for contact, communication, love and the Real Life … We want both at the same time – success and relaxation, high tech and nature, power and being absorbed in loving connection. BUT: Paradise won’t obey the claims of our mental contradictions…

Origins of the graphic material:

Own water colours (remembering Patagonia) and stills from the movie ‘The Matrix’.