First Aid – Test Series 1

2022by Maria Anna Dewes and Myriam Thyes, UHD video, 8:35, stereo.

With Susanne Blodt, Shehab Fatoum, Madeleine Forst, Kevin Malula.

Care and violence, acknowledgement and reprehension, to give or withdraw support: the video finds performative, sculptural, bizarre and poetic images for this range of diverse gestures and actions. They line up like a series of tests reflecting interpersonal relationships and current social conditions. One person adjusts, confirms or distracts the attitude of another person; actions are helpful or destructive, gentle or authoritarian, determined, hesitant, clumsy, tender, encroaching, … The video installation explores and connects different imageries and work processes in the areas of sculpture, installation (Maria Anna Dewes) and video art (Myriam Thyes). The exhibition Erste Hilfe : First Aid at the Huguenot House in Kassel in summer 2022 led to this second collaboration of the artists.

Funded by the Federal Government of Germany, Commissioner for Culture and Media, program ‚Neustart Kultur‘.

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