Erste Hilfe : First Aid

18.06.2022 – 24.09.2022Group ExhibitionHugenottenhausKasselGermany

Since 2019, the artist couple Silvia and Lutz Freyer have managed the Hugenottenhaus (Huguenot House) with the so called ‘art zone’ in the middle of Kassel, with significant support from Udo Wendland. As a place of communication, the Café/Bar Perle by Maren Freyer is also an essential part of the art and culture location. With Erste Hilfe : First Aid, visitors can expect an exhibition project that is characterized by networking and cooperation, trust in art and its efficacy. Visitor offers allow people of all ages to become participants. The exhibition explores the spectrum of how artists turn to the various forms of need and respond to them freely with artistic means. Exciting positions can be seen in each of the more than 20 rooms of the Hugenottenhaus.

Artists: Peter Josef Abels, Joey Arand, Autohaus Autohaus, Jörn Budesheim, Alice Creischer, Maria Anna Dewes, Bert Didillon, Eva & Adele, Janosch Feiertag, Ingrid Flohry, Lutz Freyer, Silvia Freyer, Marco Glashagen, Armin Hartenstein, Pascal Heußner, Thomas Huber, Julia Kröpelin, Ubbo Kügler, Henrik Langsdorf, Simone Letto, Oliver Leuer, Maik & Dirk Löbbert, Stefan Lux, Sarah Metz, Hanno Millesi, Christian Phillipp Müller, Michael Part, Norbert Radermacher, Susanne Radscheit, Carola Ruf, Judith Samen, Claudia Schmacke, Gregor Schneider, Thomas Schütte, Myriam Thyes, Claudia van Koolwijk, Stephan von Borstel, Masha Vyshedska, Nele Waldert, Ricky Weber, Yidahn. Curated by: Lutz Freyer, Silvia Freyer.


Maria Anna Dewes and Myriam Thyes, 2022, UHD video, 8:35, stereo.

Care and violence, acknowledgement and reprehension, to give or withdraw support: the video finds performative, sculptural, bizarre and poetic images for this range of diverse gestures and actions. They line up like a series of tests reflecting interpersonal relationships and current social conditions. One person adjusts, confirms or distracts the attitude of another person; actions are helpful or destructive, gentle or authoritarian, determined, hesitant, clumsy, tender, encroaching …




Friedrichsstraße 25
34117 Kassel

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