Doppelzimmer (Double Rooms)

16.07.2021 – 26.09.2021Group ExhibitionHugenotten HouseKasselGermany

The artist duos invited by curators Silvia and Lutz Freyer have filled all 24 rooms of the Hugenotten House with works, most of which have been created for the location. Many of the artists, the majority of whom come from Berlin, Dusseldorf or Kassel, already know the Hugenotten House, having either worked in it or with it. The exhibition focuses on the collaboration and exchange between artists and their works, as well as their engagement with this special space. Maria Anna Dewes and Myriam Thyes are showing their joint work Rapiebar Enraptured Hingerissen, which they had partially developed at this location. 

The following artist duos each occupy a ‘double room’ in the Hugenotten House:

  • Peter Josef Abels and Vera-Maria Loermann
  • Sonja Alhäuser and Bert Didillon
  • Joey Arand and team
  • Thomas Bernstein and Wolfgang Schlegel
  • Friedrich W. Block in memoriam Brückner-Kühner
  • Kathrin Brömse and Jörn Budesheim
  • Senta Connert and Julia Kröpelin
  • Maria Anna Dewes and Myriam Thyes
  • Ingrid Flohry + Marco Glashagen
  • Lutz Freyer in memoriam Joseph Beuys
  • Armin Hartenstein and Andreas Johnen
  • Ulrike Kessl and Johannes Sandberger
  • Ubbo Kügler encounters his work from 2 years ago
  • Maik and Dirk Löbbert
  • Anke Lohrer and Nele Waldert
  • Stefan Lux and Hanno Millesi
  • Christian Andreas Müller and Stefan Lux
  • Gabriele Rothemann and Claudia Schmacke
  • Judith Samen and Claudia van Koolwijk
  • Andreas von Borstel and Stephan von Borstel
  • Marc von Criegern and Myriam Resch



Friedrichstraße 25
34117 Kassel

Shown Works