Myriam Thyes – Relationship Patterns

Paintings and video installation. Exhibition in the context of KulTOURtage Kreis Kleve

12.07.2003 – 20.07.2003Solo ExhibitionKunstverein EmmerichEmmerichGermany

A goddess constitutes herself; out of her egg flies the Primordial Androgynous and a woman and a man emerge from it, transforming into their symbols and then reuniting in different ways…

Thyes has been exploring the theme of Duo-Relationships – Polarities for years, using painting, computer graphics and animation. The polarities found in her work are presented as equals; they complement, necessitate, and influence each other and are not always represented as two different beings or objects: Sometimes they are two states of the same being. Formally, they are either abstract symbols or human figures. All elements are further layered with cultural history, myth, and social meaning. By recombining them, the artist re-evaluates figurative and geometric signs, keeping specifically in mind gender roles and religious-moral symbolism. She presupposes that one cannot successfully subvert outdated representations without using them, developing them further and opposing them with new representations.

Opening: Saturday, July 12th 2003. Stefan Skowron talks about the work of Myriam Thyes. Subsequently, the video triptych is projected onto the windows of the Haus im Park and is accompanied by new music by the cello duo Feuerbogen, Donja Djember and Insa Schirmer.



Kunstverein Emmerich
Haus im Park
Rheinpark 1
46446 Emmerich

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