(Nicht) Unser Krieg

24.02.2023 – 05.03.2023Group ExhibitionWeltkunstzimmerDusseldorfGermany

The exhibition is attempting to react upon graffiti, posters and other slogans in public spaces throughout Germany stating “das ist nicht unser Krieg!” (“This is not our war!”). For us it is unbearable to witness that nowadays, in the situation of radical openness, global economy, internet, and migration, war is still possible. So how can war NOT affect each of us? With its exhibition featuring artists from Austria, Belarus, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Ukraine, the antiwarcoalition.art proposes to comprehend the Russian invasion in Ukraine as “our” war. The artists suggest thinking about individual engagement in this war through the food supply chain, gas purchases, the distribution of labor in the IT industry, and environmental challenges. The exhibition urges to show that the war in Ukraine is not abstract, it is not finished, it is still present. It makes us aware that the war touches upon each of us in a different way — for someone physically, for someone economically, and altogether it makes a threat to a shared future. This is our war, too!

Parallel to the exhibition of antiwarcoalition.art there is a charity event with 74 artists from Düsseldorf, who donate their works for sale. The collected money is donated to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.

Participating artists: see concept PDF




The Art Center of  Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation
Ronsdorfer Str. 77a
40233 Dusseldorf

Opening hours: Wed/Thu/Fr 16-19 Uhr, Sa/Su 13-19 Uhr

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