Enigma della Modernità

Enigma of Modernity. Visarte Ticino - Zurich

02.03.2012 – 05.04.2012Group ExhibitionSpazio OfficinaChiassoSwitzerland

On the occasion of the prestigious exhibition ‘Black Tiepolo. Graphic Work and Engraved Matrices’, which is currently being held at the m.a.x.museo, an exhibition is being held in the adjacent Spazio Officina that is closely related to the other. In fact, the theme of modernity, which Tiepolo represented so well with his art, is investigated here by the artists invited for the occasion (and at the same time candidates for the ‘Arte Contemporanea Chiasso 2012’ Prize).

Curators: Guido Magnaguagno, Francine Mury, Aymone Poletti, Dr. Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini.
Artists: Aglaia Haritz, Flor Garduño, Hektor Mamet, Penelope Margaret Mackworth-Praed, Laura Solari with Pierrette Stany, Myriam Thyes, Elisabeth Eberle, Maya von Moos, Nici Jost, Teres Wydler, Rosina Kuhn.




Spazio Officina
Via Dante Alighieri 4
CH – 6830 Chiasso

Shown Works