Zurich Scenes

2020UHD video, 08:55, stereo. Installation: large projection (loop) as solo exhibit in a blacked-out space.

Video recordings from Zurich, each arranged with four scenes like: sunbathers at a canal; celebrating a soccer World Cup victory; watching TV at Café Odeon; the busy commuter railway station Hardbrücke; a traffic policewoman and a fountain; the ‚Prime Tower‘ high-rise building; scaffolders at a facade; crowds at Zurich Central Station; water birds on Lake Zurich; a candy shop on the famous Bahnhofstrasse … Urban everyday life in a highly efficient, blithesome, rich, small cosmopolitan city. Every now and then, an Alien* appears – as a symbol for everything that is being suppressed.
*The character Alien, from the movies of the same title, was created by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger who lived and worked in Zurich.

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