First Aid – Test Series 1-10

2024Maria Anna Dewes + Myriam Thyes, 4-channel video installation, 4 x UHD stereo, 15:10 at least, loop.

Staged „test series” address interpersonal relationships and social conditions. Care and violence, affirmation and rebuke, giving or withdrawing support: One person corrects or disrupts the attitude of another; actions are helpful or harmful, gentle or authoritarian, determined, hesitant, clumsy, tender, assaultive … Sections of people in action are combined with sculptures of human limbs and small model dolls. Living and dead objects mix, proportions are shifted. After one minute, the gently cross-faded test series on all four channels are interrupted for five seconds by an “orange wall” from which a hand emerges from a central hole, accompanied by hammer blows that strengthen a scaffolding. Surreal elements and exaggerations, the rhythm of the video editing and the spatial 4-channel installation reinforce the reflection of interpersonal and social power mechanisms.

This is the third collaboration between the sculptor Maria Anna Dewes and the video artist Myriam Thyes. In their joint film and installation work, the artists explore and combine different visual languages ​​and experiences in the areas of sculpture, installation and moving image.

With Susanne Blodt, Shehab Fatoum, Madeleine Forst, Kevin Malula.

Installation of two projections on walls and two projections on free-standing semi-transparent screens:
4 UHD videos, 4 stereo sounds. Durations of the channels: 13:00, 14:05, twice 15:10 => time shifts in the looping installation. Height and width of the projections: approx. 203 x 360 cm each.