Restoration - triptych 1


Restoration - triptych 2



1996 - 2008. Two digital photo-collages, each 110 x 260 cm, c-prints behind acrylic glass, on aluminium dibond.
Sources of visual material: stills from the movie 'Terminator 2 - Judgement Day', and quotations from the bible / new testament. Two versions: Gospel quotations in German or English.

James Cameron's movie ‘Terminator 2’ is full of allusions to the Passion and Salvation of Christ, including its moralistic clichés. Far-reaching social processes are worked at by a family of "Saviors". Their protagonists: The two saviors: the Terminator (Schwarzenegger) and the boy. The remorseful sinner, the proselytized black scientist, becomes a martyr. The visionary initiator of the "salvation process": Sarah, the boy's mother. The menacing purgatory: the atomic bomb. The video stills are combined with quotations from the New Testament and virtual gold frames. Put together as two triptychs, they form an ironic citation of the type of picture used for worshipping.

The single pictures:    Father and Son    |    Saviour   |    Mother and Son     |    Death (Hell)     |    Proselyte    |    Madonna


exhibition view

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